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Interview With GlamWithFam: Instagram Beauty Blogger and Sydney Based Makeup Artist

GlamWithFam is an Instagram influencer and makeup artist. She shares her makeup looks,reviews and tutorials with her over 3.1 thousand followers . I had the opportunity to interview her on what inspires her makeup looks, how she got started and her personal makeup tips. Have a read of the interview below.

1. How did you first become interested in makeup?

Ever since a young age, I've been immersed in the world of beauty because of my mother. Her self run beauty salon started in India, and she continued nurturing it when she arrived in Sydney. I only started using makeup properly when I was 19, when I landed my first job (coincidentally) at a beauty retail shop, which further grew my interest in makeup. It was not until I was completely engrossed by this job that I realised my dialect was packed with beauty terminology - this validated my growing love for make-up/beauty and has stayed with me ever since. 

2. What made you decide to start your Instagram page?

On my personal Instagram page I posted a few of the make-up looks I did that I was particularly proud of. These posts gained a lot of traction and attention. I posted a few others until I got loads of DMs from people (friends and others from Explore) that asked various beauty related questions. Which I loved answering (considering that all I talked about apart from uni work was beauty at that stage), this then prompted me to convert my personal page into a business page. This was then branded with the help of everyone following the page, and Glamwithfam was basically born.

3. Did somebody teach you how to apply makeup or were you self taught?

Yes! My mum taught me the basics of everything. Her infamous quote 'beauty is pain' - could be applied to basically everything, and you'll often hear it being said in the studio. I've done a course and have received informal training through my organisation - but majority of my skills are self taught. I often gain inspiration through ethnic cultural wear, and design looks depending on various colours reflected on our outfits. I also follow some great ethnic makeup artists, watch their videos, and subconsciously learn. I realise I've learned something through these videos when I go to the studio and realise I've just replicated a technique I learnt from a video I watched two weeks ago - its crazy.

4. Are there any celebrities or influencers that inspire your makeup looks?

Celebrities, no not really - I'm all about drama, colour and new looks - whereas celebrity makeup doesn't usually reflect that. In terms of influencers, I am absolutely in love with @makeupbyjah - anything she creates is visionary. Trying to mirror half of what she does would be a goal for me as a basic artist. 

5. What are your current favourite makeup products?

Currently I am loving the liquid champagne pop by Becca I use it on very special occasions just to make my base glow and give a beautiful lit from within look. I also can't get over how the Laura Mercier loose translucent powder sets my face for the whole entire day at work - and brightens these Gucci bags under my eyes.. some serious gratification.

6. Are there any makeup trends that you aren't a fan of?

If you're confident with the trend you're riding - embrace it. I personally wouldn't jump the bandwagon on specific trends such as heavy dark contour, unrealistic brows and thick lip outlines - but that's just me. If these are particular things you do, and you love it on you, jump on the trend and do whatever makes you feel your best. 

7. Do you have any tips for somebody who is just starting out in the industry?

- Develop passion by developing purpose first - my purpose (as I've only recently discovered) e.g. is to instill confidence within my clients, making them my friends, and remembering that you have an extremely important role in your client's special day - you're there to make them feel their best as a friend first, than an artist.

- Expose yourself to as many beauty networks as possible - online and in real life. This could mean anything from regularly checking a blog, or Instagram story by your favourite influencer. To going to retail stores and asking beauty consultants any burning questions you have - good questions always mean good answers, and good answers usually mean you're developing a knowledge base. When you continue to do this, you'll realise your knowledge base is so diverse and high quality that instead of you asking people for questions - you'll be an absolute expert and will be deriving solutions for other people. These people then become your clients. Wow what a beautiful cycle.

- Practice on yourself whenever you have the time with products you don't usually use. Practice on a variety of people with as many different features as possible - exercising creativity and adaptability.

- Support the women around you - the more support you throw out to the world, the more arms are our for you when you're on your way to build your empire. Own your network - you are the CEO of your life, hire and fire people accordingly. 

- Don't be too serious/overcompetitive/a perfectionist in the 'industry' - makeup has no rules, there's also no right way of doing one thing, find your own unique craft, just have fun, and enjoy every bit of it (even the 4am wakeups).


Take a look at one of her amazing makeup look videos below...


Thank you Glamwithfam for chatting with us at Miss Makeup. Be sure to follow @glamwithfam on Instagram and check out Miss Makeup's Instagram page at @missmakeup_xoxo

- xoxo Miss Makeup


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