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Interview With Sonya Elle Dee: The Youtuber and Instagram Makeup Artist

Sonya Elle Dee is a makeup artist who created videos applying and reviewing makeup products on Instagram and her Youtube channel. She boasts over 3.8k followers on her Instagram page and has been featured on multiple beauty pages. I was given the opportunity to interview Sonya Elle Dee a few weeks ago. Read below to learn more about her favourite products, makeup looks and more.

1. What is your go-to makeup look for every day? Most days I actually prefer to go makeup-free, but when I’m feeling a little more adventurous my go-to is typically tinted moisturiser, winged liner, lil highlight, lashes and an orange matte lip.   2. Do you remember the first makeup product you ever bought? It wasn’t something that I purchased, but my first makeup product(s) was a lil all in one kit from Argos (it was diabolical), it had about 12 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, lip pans, some random other pans with weird shades that I couldn’t to this day tell you what facial area they were intended for. Bear in mind this was the mid 90’s so pigmentation wasn’t really a “thing” back then, every shade seemed to have a greyish tinge to it hahaha. 

3. What or who inspires your makeup looks? Being on Instagram I see so many different looks that inspire me, I'm a massive fan of Rupauls drag race, I often see lil details which I like to tone down flip and reverse and make my own. 

4. Where do you see yourself in the future with your career and Instagram page? Kinda hard to say as social media is evolving with us creatives. I’m in quite a great position to be collaborating with brands even with my small following. My mission at this present moment is to continue to grow my tribe and to keep learning about the industry and videography.  5. Top 5 makeup products - Makeup revolution fast base concealer stick in F16 - (best contour product eveeeer)  - Elf camo concealers  - Technic highlighter quad  - September rose Brew palette - Mac chestnut liner 

6. How often do you purchase new makeup products? Previously I’d buy what I needed, I never used to go crazy on launches or anything like that, I’d have my ride or die products and would just replace them when needed. Now I receive a lot of PR so I am trying my hardest to not buy anything as I already have so many products that I haven’t used yet #firstworldproblems... 

7. How do you keep up with the latest makeup trends and releases? Social media plays a heavy role in keeping me up to date with what’s new. Launch wise I usually have my eye on the ball but I guess we are at a time where things are getting released 24/7, it’s really hard to keep up!  8. If you could do anybody’s makeup who would you choose and why? My mums, she’s a superstar!


Watch her latest makeup video here...


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Thank you Sonya Elle Dee for answering the questions for this interview. It was a pleasure working with you. Be sure to follow @sonya.elle.dee and @missmakeup_xoxo on Instagram.

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