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Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss Review: Swatches

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Hey everyone,

I recently made another order from Kylie Cosmetics for her high glosses. I already owned two high glosses so I thought I would make a review sharing my thoughts on the new gloss formula.

Last September, Kylie Jenner gave fans a first look at her new high glosses from her Jordyn Woods X Kylie Jenner Collection with a formula that she described as "an ultra-glossy, luminous gloss that glides on the lips smoothly and evenly with added shea butter leaving behind a radiant and moisturizing shine".

I managed to get my hands on the Partner in Crime gloss from that collection as well as two high glosses from the collection she then released a few months later. In my most recent purchase I bought the 'I'm The Catch' gloss from her most recent high gloss release.

Here are the shade descriptions for each gloss

- Partner In Crime: pinky nude

- Klear: sheer light pink tint

- Oh, You Fancy?: sheer silver champagne pearl

- I'm The Catch: amber with a gold shimmer

You can buy each shade individually or in a set from at

16 USD each + shipping


Flash Natural Light

Left to right: Partner In Crime, Klear, Oh You Fancy? and I'm The Catch

From the swatches, you can see that all of these shades are super shiny and pigmented. The Partner In Crime gloss definitely has the most colour whereas Oh You Fancy? and I'm The Catch have more of a sparkle in them. Each of the glosses has a different finish to them (shimmer, pigmented and sheer) so there is definitely a difference between each gloss.

The application of the glosses feels super smooth and they glide onto your lips easily. I love the applicator because it is so big and makes it easier to apply the glosses. It reminds me of the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb applicator which I also love. The glosses all have a nice fragrance to them which is not overpowering but just enough so that it is noticeable.

All the glosses swatch really well and they are both long-lasting and non-sticky which is hard to find in a glossy since most of them can be really sticky and wipe off your mouth in the first few minutes. This has definitely made me love these glosses even more.

Look below to see a slideshow of individual gloss swatches that I took compared to the ones on the Kylie Cosmetics website (all Kylie Cosmetics swatch photos are courtesy of


Overall, I think that high glosses are the best products that I have purchased from Kylie Cosmetics. I will be buying more soon and I highly recommend them. Keep an eye out for the new 'You Are The Sun' high gloss from Summer 2019 Under The Sea Collection.

xoxo, Miss Makeup

If you would like to purchase from Kylie Cosmetics this website and Ulta Beauty are the only places that sell the real products. Be careful not to buy any fake products as they are very dangerous!

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