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Why You Need Some LED In Your Life!

What is LED?

LED therapy is a highly versatile skincare treatment that uses various wavelengths of colored light such as red, blue or infrared light to treat a multitude of different skin concerns. Its popularity stems from its ability to treat a multitude of common skin concerns from reducing acne and fading pigmentation and sun-damage, right through to redness reduction and anti-ageing concerns. It varies from other forms of light therapy as it does not use ultraviolet rays which may be harmful to the skin, making LED not only an effective treatment option, but a safe one. Read on to discover more about LED and how the different colored lights can help you achieve your best skin yet!

What are the different kinds of LED?

1. Blue Light

Benefits: Works by destroying acne-causing bacteria and takes an anti-inflammatory action

Suitable For: Those struggling with inflammatory acne such as active cysts, pustules and bacterial lesions. It also helps combat and balances oily skin by targeting the acne-causing bacteria deep within the skin.

2. Yellow Light

Benefits: Increases collagen production and facilitates faster healing of the skin as well as improving overall tone and texture and those with redness concerns.

Suitable For: Those with sensitive skin, rosacea, anti-aging and those with skin concerns

3. Green Light

Benefits: Works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and strengthens the skin’s capillary network to reduce redness. It can also break down melanin in our skin, helping to fade unwanted pigmentation and sun damage.

Suitable For: Those suffering from Wound healing, pigmentation concerns, rosacea and sensitive skin.

4. Red Light

Benefits: Red light is a true anti-ageing hero. It works by enhancing cellular communication and stimulating fibroblasts which in turn, leads to an increase collagen production. It can also reduce inflamamation and assist with wound healing.

Suitable For: Those wanting to soften fine lines and wrinkles, increase hydration as well as improve skin’s appearance overall

5. Near Infrared Light

Benefits: triggers wound healing response for cellular repair and controls swelling and erythema in wound healing

Suitable For: For those looking for anti-ageing benefits, wound healing and healing post more invasive treatments.

How does LED light therapy work?

This skincare treatment works by using LED machines to distribute coloured light in varying wave lengths onto the skin. Each different colour and wavelength causes its own unique corresponding reaction and thus each effects the skin in a different way. LED treatments are non-invasive, pain-free, safe and completely comfortable. A stand-alone LED treatment simply requires lying down directly under the machine, whilst the LED light therapy colours do their magic work! Although LED works wonderfully as a stand-alone treatment, it also layers wonderfully with other services and depending on your skin condition, often your therapist may combine your LED treatment with other processes to achieve a well-rounded service.

Why should you use LED?

An LED light therapy treatment is an effective way and safe way to treat various common skin concerns such as rosacea, acne and anti aging. The LED light therapy machines will stimulate cellular activity within the skin after regular treatments to help you achieve the skin results you've dreamed of!

To learn more about this technology, contact the team at The Global Beauty Group beauty suppliers on 1300 006 607.


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