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5 Tips To Know When Buying Makeup Online

Online shopping has become one of the easiest ways to get the latest makeup products sent straight to your door especially during the lockdown. However, it can be the worst feeling when the product shows up and it's not what you expected. Whether it be the wrong shade, finish or size it can be really hard to tell what a product is really like before trying it. That's why we are sharing our 5 favourite tips to make shopping for makeup online a breeze!

1. Use Features Like Honey For Coupons

Honey is a great Chrome extension that pops up whenever you shop online to offer coupons. When you check out it automatically tries a bunch of coupon codes to ensure you have the best price. Over time you can save heaps of money by using the extension, especially on high-end products.

2. Subscribe To A Mailing List For An Instant Discount

Want an instant discount? Join the mailing list! When shopping online there will usually be a pop up asking for your email and in exchange, you will get a discount on your first purchase. The discounts can range from 10% off to free shipping and are on most beauty websites.

3. Use Google Images For Swatches Of True Shades

Searching for swatches of a product is one of the easiest ways to avoid purchasing a colour that doesn't suit you. Simply search the name of the product and check out the photos of swatches on a range of skin tones and lighting.

4. Search For Dupes To See Similar Shades

Looking at similar products can help you determine if you will actually like the product especially if you've used the dupe before. You may even like the dupe more if it's more affordable or from a brand you love. Here are some of our best articles about product dupes that you can check out!

5. Check Multiple Retailers For The Best Price

Before purchasing a product, you should check the brand's website and any retailers to check you have the best price. This is especially important if the product is available in different currencies as you should ensure it's in your own currency for the best price. You can also use this tip to compare shipping prices or any exclusive sales from each retailer.


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