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5 Mascara Hacks For Longer Looking Lashes

Long thick-looking lashes are one of the most coveted makeup looks that people will try anything to achieve. With the growing popularity of lash lifts and false lashes, this kind of eyelash look is worn by everyone. Have you ever wondered how you can achieve this look without spending a cent? Well, you're in luck because this article will teach you how to get longer looking lashes using your mascara and a few little tricks.

1. Use A Lash Primer ALWAYS

Just like the primer you use under your foundation, a lash primer preps your lashes for the coats of mascara. It will make the mascara last longer, look darker and cling to your lashes. Apply a layer before your mascara and you are good to go!

2. Apply in a Z shape and wiggle

This technique of applying mascara will ensure that the product is spread out evenly across all lashes without being clumpy. It also lifts lashes when the product is applied upwards on the lash line.

3. Change the angle of application depending on the area of the lash line

The angle of application of mascara should be dependant on where on the lashline you are applying the product. For example, if you are putting mascara on the outer corner you should point the wand upwards in order to avoid clumps of product.

4. Apply translucent powder between layers

Translucent powder will add the volume and thickness that you are looking for on your lashes. Roll a spoolie in the powder between each layer to increase the length of your lashes with the product applied.

5. Mix with contact lens solution to extend the lifetime of the product

A hack that has been around for a long time but is one of the most effective. The solution lengthens the life of the product and also adds more pigment if it is starting to dry out.


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