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Applying Skin Care Products: What Is The Best Order Of Application

Skincare products and our skincare routines can take up lots of our time and money. Some fancy moisturisers and serums can go for hundreds of dollars so you don't want to be wasting them. In this article, you will learn the correct order to apply your skincare products to ensure they work the best for your skin.

1. Keep Skin Clean and Clear

The most important step when it comes to your skincare routine is to start with a bare face and add layers from thinnest to thickest. By doing this you are allowing the products to properly absorb into your skin without being blocked by thicker products such as moisturisers and face creams.

2. Toner

Using a toner will help to even your skin tone and to remove all of the grime from your face that has built up over the day. Toners are the thinnest skin care product you will use as they are usually a fine mist or a water-like consistency.

3. Serums

A serum is a product that will absorb into your skin on a deeper level. They are usually highly concentrated versions of ingredients such as vitamins. You only need a few drops of serums and they are typically used to fight skin issues such as acne or redness.

4. Eye Creams

A moisturiser type skincare product that focuses on the under-eye area should be the second last step of your routine. This type of cream works better when there are layers preventing it from fully absorbing into the skin as it is a thick and strong product. Storing it in the fridge will also boost its benefits.

5. Moisturiser

The final and most important product you should use in your skincare routine is moisturiser. Using this product gives you glowing and healthy-looking skin. Moisturisers are thick and creamy so should be used as your last skincare step.


What are your favourite skincare products and what other kinds of products do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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