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3 Simple Tips to Handle Split Ends Like a Pro

Wearing elastic bands, styling with heat, using hair dyes and chemical treatments, and washing/brushing your hair a lot are all common causes that lead to split ends. However, when it comes to navigating the issue and concealing split ends — or getting rid of them altogether — doing so successfully can seem daunting at best. From the benefits of regular trims to how unique hair treatments may help, here’s how you can make the best of split ends — and keep your hair looking shiny and healthy along the way, too.

The Power of Hair Treatments and Masks

While the only true way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off altogether, concealing them is an option, and can be a good way to go if you don’t want to commit to a major chop. Leave-in conditioners are one option and are defined as “deep conditioning treatments that help restore moisture to hair and strengthen hair shafts,” according to Healthline, which further notes that they’re great for concealing split ends while also improving the overall appearance of the hair. That said, there are a number of natural options worth considering — sweet almond oil and argan oil are just two that promote moisturization and hydration, while coconut oil presents yet another option.

All About Velaterapia

While you can’t actually repair split ends, velaterapia is certainly one remedy worth looking into for those who want to get rid of them in a unique way. Portuguese for “candle cutting,” velaterapia involves exposing the ends of the hair to an open flame via candle for a few seconds, thus allowing it to singe off the split ends. As such, velaterapia has been well-regarded for its ability to manage split ends while creating healthier, shinier hair, though it’s important to mention that it should only be done by an experienced practitioner. Despite the amount of praise that velaterapia has, it’s also important to keep in mind that there is no significant clinical evidence to support the benefits of burning off split ends, and you should never try to do so yourself.

Prevention is Key

In terms of keeping split ends at bay, prevention is always key, with one primary way to do so being regular trips to the salon for a trim. According to Arsen Gurgov, a professional hairstylist and founder of Arsen Gurgov Salon in New York City, “the longer the hair, the more prone it is to split ends, making it that much more important to keep up with your regular trims.” Gurgaon further elaborates by recommending booking an appointment with your hairstylist every six to eight weeks, regardless of hair length. In turn, you’ll not only effectively keep split ends at bay, but you’ll be able to keep the ends of your hair as healthy as possible.

To further prevent split ends, there are additional, simple ways you can do so via your daily hair routine. Taking special care in how you treat your hair, for instance, can make a major difference. To elaborate, this often involves using low heat with styling tools, avoiding overwashing your hair, as well as simply being gentle when brushing. Using the right hair brush (Cash Lawless, a celebrity hairstylist, recommends “a metal bristled detangling brush like one from Raincry, along with a detangler comb,” and goes on to further note that “these two products combined will significantly reduce wear and friction.”)

Dealing with split ends can be a challenge, but managing them, getting rid of them, and preventing them don’t have to be stressful. By going for regular trims, hydrating your hair with treatment masks, and perhaps looking into unique treatments like velaterapia, you can effectively manage any split end situation.

This article is a guest post written by Jennifer Winter


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