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The Beauty Glossary - 30+ Terms All Makeup Lovers Need To Know

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

New to makeup?

How many times have you read an article or watched a makeup tutorial and been so confused about what the people were saying. This is where I come to help. This article contains a list of terms used in the world of makeup with an explanation of what they mean. Refer to this list when you are unsure of a word or use it as a beginners guide to beauty.


When you let a translucent powder sit on your face for 5 minutes after applying your foundation and concealer, You then dust off the powder which leaves a flawless finish.


Any product applied after the primer to create a smooth base for the rest of your powder products (blush, bronzer etc.

Beauty Blender

A teardrop shaped sponge that is bounced on the face to apply makeup


The shape of a lipstick which is not a liquid but a solid from a tube

CC (Colour Correcting)

Products that focus on preventing issues like redness and dark circles


The colour and appearance of a person's facial skin


A makeup technique that uses bronzing products to define and enhance the structure of your face

Cut Crease

A makeup technique used to define the crease of an eyelid by using a contrasting eyeshadow to 'cut' along it. This is done with minimal blending.

Cupid's Bow

The V in the middle of your lips


The motion of patting the skin with a sponge to apply makeup


A moist appearance on the skin after the makeup look is completed

Doe Foot

The kind of sponge tip applicator used for concealers an lip glosses


An abbreviation of duplicates, a cheaper or similar alternative to a makeup product


Fake eyelashes that are applied on top of your natural eyelashes with eyelash glue

Fan Brush

A brush with a flat fan shape that allows for an even distribution of product with a soft finish


To apply eyeshadow after wetting the brush for extra shimmer and colour


A product that gives the skin a glow or shimmer to the skin


The excess product that leaves the powder when a brush is tapped into it


When the complete product of a makeup look does not have any oil or shine


The individual section that a powder is located in within a palette


The colour of the makeup product


To preserve the makeup look for long periods of time using powder or spray


An eyebrow shaping tool also used as a mascara wand


Using eyeliner to make your eyelashes look thicker

Transition Shade

An eyeshadow colour that gives depth to the eyeshadow look and blends the other colours together


The area that separates the base of your lashes to your eyeball


What other makeup terms are you unsure about? Let me know in the comments below.

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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