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5 (More) Tips To Know When Buying Makeup Online

More and more beauty retailers are expanding their product ranges into online stores, with many makeup brands selling them on multiple platforms. Knowing where to buy your products or how to get the best price can be difficult.

A while back, we wrote an article sharing our top 5 best tips for getting the best deal when shopping online for makeup. Now we are back and giving you even more tips and tricks for online shopping! Read our original article here.

1. Importance of Reading Reviews

No matter what product you are trying to buy, reading reviews is a must! We recommend looking at reviews external to the brand's own website like on Temptalia for the most honest thoughts on a product. Don't just search for bad reviews, it's also good to see what people are enjoying about the product to ensure it's something you are looking for.

2. Try A Best Seller

It's hard to go wrong with a bestseller, especially if it has been acclaimed by beauty awards such as the Mecca Beauty Election or Cosmopolitans Holy Grail. Most makeup companies will have an entire section of their website dedicated to their bestsellers so have a browse and see what you can find!

3. Gain A Discount By Donating To Charity

Yep, you read that right! With GiveGet, you can donate to a range of charities and unlock discounts at major beauty retailers. For every dollar that you donate, 100% of the proceeds go towards charity AND you receive a point that is used to redeem rewards. GiveGet offers free shopping and other discounts with brands like MCoBeauty, Adore Beauty, The Iconic and more!

4. Take The Brands Product Quiz

If you are struggling to find the right shade you should utilise the quizzes on many brand websites. They will usually ask about your skin type, undertones and preferences to find you the perfect match. If you still need some reassurance, there are heaps of online tools such as Findation that assist in finding the perfect match.

5. Follow Influencers With A Similar Skin Tone/Type

When choosing to buy new makeup, the best place to start is your own social media feeds! Look for influencers with the same skin tone or skin type and see how the product works for them. This works great for colour cosmetics like blush or lipstick because they can look drastically different depending on your skin tone.


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