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Unconventional Makeup Hacks That Actually Work

Everybody loves a good DIY makeup hack to improve their beauty routine but with so many out there how do you know which ones actually work? Some hacks look so crazy and bizarre making it hard to believe that any of them could improve your makeup look. Keep reading for a list of some unconventional makeup hacks that will work like a charm.

1. Using Brown Eyeliner As Lipliner

Using eyeliner as lip liner is a great hack to get the most out of your beauty products. You can use your eyeliner as a 2 in 1 product by lining your lips before applying lipstick. For a more natural look, you can fill in your lips with brown liner and apply a clear gloss on top.

2. Contouring With A Fork

Though this hack may look a little weird it actually works surprisingly well. The gaps in the fork are a great stencil for the lines of contour on your nose. This hack saves time, product and will leave you with a gorgeously snatched nose. Be sure to blend afterwards so there are no harsh lines.

3. More Pigmented Eyeliner Using A Lighter

By quickly placing your pencil eyeliner in front of the flame of a lighter it will melt slightly. This will help the liner to become creamy and slide across your lash line easily. The heat will also make the eyeliner even more pigmented for a bolder eye makeup look.

4. Heat Eyelash Curler With A Hairdryer

Just like a curling iron, eyelash curlers work the best when they are heated up. Heat your eyelash curler by using a blowdryer on low heat. This will make your lashes curl for longer and look nicer than they would with a normal curler.

5. Winged Liner Using A Business Card

Another weird looking hack that works great! The card is sturdy and at the right angle can help with a straight-winged liner. Hold the card up at a diagonal to your eye and create your eyeliner flick. The card will pick up any extra product for a clean liner with zero mess.

6. Layer Cotton Between Mascara Coats

You might've just read that tip and thought "what! how is that going to help my lashes". As unusual as it may seem the layers of cotton have been proven to add definition and volume to your lashes. The mascara clings onto the fibres of the cotton as well as your lashes making them look fuller and longer after a few coats.

7. Red Lipstick Before Concealer

Red is the complementary colour to purple on the colour wheel so they cancel each other out. Many makeup artists who have tried out this hack have noticed the reduced appearance of undereye bags. Its as simple as applying a layer of red lipstick, blending and the applying concealer on top.


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