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Wearing Sunscreen With Makeup: How To, Best Products and More!

Sunscreen is the most powerful skincare product that you can use. It doesn't matter if the sun is beaming or the weather is freezing, your skin can always be affected by the rays of the sun. Wearing sunscreen is such an important step in looking after your skin but can sometimes become overlooked. Many people choose not to wear sunscreen so that it doesn't ruin their makeup application or cause oiliness on the skin but these things can be avoided. Keep reading this article to find the best sunscreen for you and how to apply it even when you are wearing makeup!

What are the different types of sunscreen?

When picking a physical sunscreen it is important to consider your skin type as some products will be formulated for those with dry, oily or sensitive skin. Face sunscreen also comes in two forms, mineral and chemical which both use different methods of blocking UV rays. Mineral sunscreen blocks UV rays on the surface level as the product sits on top of the skin, acting as a physical barrier. Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the deeper layers of the skin and can take more time to have an effect.

How can I apply sunscreen with my makeup?

Even if you are wearing makeup you should ALWAYS be wearing sunscreen. Treat the sunscreen as a base before the makeup and apply it underneath any complexion products. Be generous with how much sunscreen you use as it will be covered by your makeup. Another option is including a tinted sunscreen into your makeup routine for added SPF and some bonus coverage! There are many other products that contain SPF including lip balm, primers and moisturiser.

Our Top Product Picks:

Here are our favourite products that will help you to incorporate SPF into your makeup looks

The perfect mix of skincare and makeup for a glowy, natural look

This is great for people with dry skin and works wonders underneath makeup

Protect your lips from the sun and give then a beautiful pigmented glow!


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