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Why You Shouldn't Use Concealer As Eyelid Primer

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to their makeup routine involves their eyeshadow. Many people choose to use a concealer to prime their eyelids rather than an eyelid primer. This is a common mistake but most people just don't understand why they can't just use their concealer as a base. Keep reading this article to find out why.

1. Concealers contain a lot of oil

Your eyelids are much oiler than you think and adding concealer to them is only going to make it worse. The oil from the concealer will break down the pigment and chemicals of the eyeshadow causing it to easily wipe off of your eyes.

2. It won't help your shadows stick

Traditional eyelid primers contain ingredients which bind to the pigment and shimmer of eyeshadows. This means that they allow for the eyeshadow to stick onto your eyelids. The concealer contains ingredients that focus on the coverage of the product rather than its durability on your eyelids.

3. Your makeup will start creasing

The eyelid area naturally has small creases and these can easily be accentuated by-products like a concealer. Due to its thickness, concealer is not the ideal product in maintaining your makeup looks longevity

Here are a few eyeshadow primers I recommend:

Morphe Eye Primer: $15 AUD

Makeup Revolution Prime and Lock Eye Primer: $15 AUD


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