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Working In The Beauty Industry: 8 Beauty Related Jobs

Having an interest in all things makeup and beauty can lead to a very successful future career. Whether beauty is simply a hobby or your one true passion, you can use it as a base to jump-start your career. Beauty is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries with so many different types of jobs available. Here is our list of 8 beauty-related jobs you might consider.

1. Eyelash Technician

If you are an expert at eyelash application then you may find yourself leaning towards a role in this industry. Becoming a lash technician can be as simple as completing a course and setting up your own studio. You can specialise in lash lifts, tints or perms.

2. Product Developer

This job really goes back to the start of the production process where the formulation of products occurs. Your role will be to test scents, consistencies and shades before they are produced and released to the market.

3. Retail Beauty Advisor

If you're always the friend giving product recommendations then this job is for you! Stores like Sephora and MAC will use Beauty Advisors to assist customers in finding products that suit them and products they didn't even realise they needed.

4. Product Photographer

There is a huge demand for product photographers especially for brands looking to expand their social media presence. Your role is to shoot the products including packaging, swatches and full collections which the brand will use to promote their products.

5. Professional Makeup Artist

This job is the most obvious choice for someone who is passionate about applying makeup. There are many different types of makeup artists for a variety of purposes such as Film/TV, Special Effects or more locally for bridal parties.

6. Beauty Writer

In this day and age, being a beauty writer is a very flexible and freelance job. Whether you write for your own blog or work for an established publication, your role is to update people on the latest trends and makeup looks.

7. Beauty PR Specialist

This job allows you to work closely with brands and influencers behind the scenes of makeup companies. You will need to be updated on the current trends and understand the customers of the brand.

8. Hair Stylist

This job is great if hair is more your thing. It allows you to be immersed in the world of beauty and you can work closely with a makeup artist for events such as formals, bridal etc.


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