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5 Zodiac Sign Themed Makeup Products For Astrology Lovers

Zodiac signs are everywhere. Whether you read your horoscope daily or dread people asking "whats your sign?", there is no denying the popularity of our star signs. Makeup companies have hopped onto this trend by creating an abundance of products related to each signs constellation and meaning. If your sign defines your personality, you're gonna want to check out these products!

1. Spectrum Collections Zodiac Makeup Brush Collection

This brush set is just a small part of a larger Zodiac themed collection from Spectrum! Each brush is decorated with tiny gold stars to replicate the stars used in constellations.

2. Beauty Blender Zodiac Sponges

The original beauty blender you know and love but this time, it has your star sign! Beauty Blender released the sponges with all 12 sponges so no matter if you are a Libra, Scorpio or Tarus you can use them.

3. BH Cosmetics Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette

If you're a hardcore follower of your star sign, you won't want to miss out on this product. 25 shades for $25 is a steal! There is one shade in the outer circle for each zodiac and a bunch more to help create so many different eye looks.

4. Kylie Cosmetics Leo Lip Kit

Want a product that's specific to your star sign? Kylie Jenner released a lip kit which was specifically named after her own zodiac, Leo. The bold shade perfectly compliments the characteristics of the star sign!

5. Colourpop Eyeshadow Palettes

Colourpop released an ENTIRE astrology collection! That includes eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses and the cutest bundles. There is a set for every star sign too!


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