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BEAUTY QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Fenty Beauty?

Todays Miss Makeup article is a little bit different. Instead of teaching you about the latest products, we will be quizzing you on how well you know them. All of the answers are at the bottom of the post, Let me know in the comments below how many you got right!

Question 1: Who Created Fenty Beauty?

A) Kylie Jenner

B) Rhianna

C) Selena Gomez

D) Beyonce

Question 2: When Was Fenty Beauty Released?

A) September 2018

B) June 2020

C) September 2017

D) June 2017

Question 3: How many foundation shades do Fenty Beauty offer?

A) 20

B) 30

C) 40

D) 60

Question 4: What was the name of the first Fenty Gloss Bomb to be released?

A) Fu$$y

B) Fenty Glow

C) Stunna

D) RhiRhi

Question 5: Is Fenty Beauty cruelty-free?

A) Yes

B) No

Question 6: What was the name of the first Fenty Beauty Holiday collection?

A) Glass Slipper

B) Fantasy

C) Galaxy

D) Interstellar



1. B

2. C

3. C

4. B

5. A

6. C


Thank you for reading this article! Be sure to check us out on Instagram @missmakeup_xoxo

- xoxo Miss Makeup

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