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8 Essential Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?

Having skin that is prone to reactions when using beauty products can be for a range of reasons. Skin can vary from being very dehydrated to producing excess oil which can cause it to become reactive. Sensitive skin is very common and is considered a skin type within the beauty community.

How do I do my makeup with sensitive skin?

Keep reading for 8 tips for how you can protect your sensitive skin when using makeup and help it become comfortable with the products.

1. Keep Your Beauty Tools Clean

All makeup tools including brushes, sponges and skincare tools should be cleaned regularly to avoid a build-up of bacteria. Ideally, this would be done after each use or at least once a week but this is not the case for most people. Instead, spray your tools with a brush cleaning spray and wipe down before using to avoid product building up that your skin might react to.

2. Always Remove Your Makeup

This is the most essential tip for all makeup wearers not just those with sensitive skin. A gentle cleansing balm is recommended as it is less likely to irritate the skin and it can be used with your regular cleanser. Removing makeup is important as it ensures your skin is clean and allows it time to breathe.

3. Consider Your Makeup Formulas

The formulation of products could be the main reason your skin is prone to reacting to them but this will differ based on skin type. Mineral-based makeup is recommended as it is not too heavy and allows the skin to breathe once applied. However, stick formulas do not contain water meaning they will not harbour bacteria and are also a safe choice to use.

4. Prep Skin Before Makeup

Having a hydrated base before makeup will be beneficial in reducing reactions and protecting the skin. This is especially true for those with drier skin as the pigments within makeup will only dry out the skin more. SPF is a must and can be applied before or during the makeup process to reduce sensitivity.

5. Check The Ingredients List

Makeup that contains any ingredients of perfume and preservatives are highly likely to cause the skin to react and should be avoided by people with sensitive skin. It is safer to opt for a clean product that will not cause irritation when used.

6. Apply Makeup With A Sponge

A sponge has the softest texture of any makeup tool so it is gentle on textured skin. It will leave a great finish as it soaks up excess product and allows for a seamless blend. The sponge will not be harsh on the skin like the bristles of a makeup brush would be especially when buffing foundation.

7. Opt For BB Cream Over Foundation

BB Cream is formulated with fewer pigments that will dry out the skin compared to the formula of a foundation. Many new BB Creams are infused with skincare ingredients which makes them extra beneficial for your skin!

8. Pay Attention To Expiration Dates

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to makeup is being unaware that your products have expired. Any makeup that has reached its expiration date should be disposed of ASAP as they are even more likely to cause a reaction. Here is a list of all the expiration dates you need to know.


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