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Flower Beauty By Drew Barrymore: The Brands Top 5 Best Products

Flower Beauty is an affordable beauty brand created and founded by actress Drew Barrymore. She created the brand with the intention of selling cosmetics that are "make life easier and more fun". Flower Beauty is targeted at beauty fans who are looking for high-quality products at drugstore prices because they "can't afford $100 lipsticks". The brand's products are available in drugstores such as Target and Chemist Warehouse. Keep reading for a list of their top 5 best products!


1. Flower Pots Powder Blush

If this pan looks familiar it's because this product is a great dupe for the Milani Rose Powder Blush but for almost half the price! The Flower Beauty blush is $14 AUD with a smooth and silky formula. Drew says the product can be used to "warm your complexion" and enhance the skin tone.

2. Warrior Princess Mascara

Who doesn't love a good drugstore mascara especially when it's only $10! This product is a fan favourite at Flower Beauty for volumising and lifting lashes. Another great thing about this mascara is its wand which is almost identical to the Too Faced mascara.

3. Petal Pout Lip Mask

The Flower Beauty lip mask is super easy to apply and comes in 8 different shades each with a unique scent. The product soothes the lips to help recovery from any drying and flaking skin. You can also use it as a lip moisturiser or as a good base before applying lipstick. It retails for $11 AUD

4. Petal Pout Lip Colour

This by far has been one of Flower Beautys most viral products as a result of its dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillowtalk Lipstick. The shade 'Sweet Pea' has become the drugstore alternative at only $9.90 AUD. It has an intense colour payoff while also being creamy on the lips.

5. Shimmer and Shade Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is perfect for on the go because of its 10 shimmer and matte shadows and the bonus eyeshadow brush. There are many variations to the palette for different looks such as gold and pink. The palettes retail for $14 AUD each.


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