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Mean Girls X Spectrum Makeup Brush Review

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Let me just start off by saying that Mean Girls is my favourite movie of all time and I have seen it so many times I've lost count. When I discovered that there were makeup brushes designed to match the movie I was so excited. The brushes come from Spectrum Collections but can also be bought online at

I ordered the Glen Coco Face Set (with a name like that how could I not) and the single storage container which was also named after an iconic quote 'On Wednesdays We Wear Pink'

Glen Coco Face Set: $46

Size One Acrylic Storage: $26

The store also sold Mean Girls themed handbags, a Burn Book brush holder, eyelashes based on each of the plastics and other brush sets

When my order arrived in the mail I was overjoyed firstly because it had finally arrived and also because it came in a huge Burn Book box!


First Image - Left to Right: A03, C02,C04, Co7

AO3 - Oval Foundation

This is my favourite brush out of the set. It is fluffy and does not feel rough on my skin. I use this brush to set my foundation and concealer with a setting powder. The size of the bristles is the perfect shape to swipe across my undereyes, chin and forehead.

Quote: Cold Shiny Hard Plastic

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CO2 - Flat Top Contour

I found this brush the hardest to use of the four. The bristles are very dense making it hard to blend product which can result in the makeup looking streaky or cakey. One of the ways that I have used this brush is for contouring my forehead by dipping it into the powder and creating a line across the side of my forehead which I then blend in with the CO4 brush from the set.

Quote: Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

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CO4 - Angled Powder

This brush has been great for applying powders especially on my forehead and under eyes due to its angled shaped. I have also used the brush to blend out my bronzer for a more airbrushed look.

Quote: Get In Loser

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CO7 - Sculptor

I love using this brush to apply liquid highlighter as its thin shape allows me to blend the product across my cheek without it getting clumpy. I personally do not use brushes to blend my concealer but I would definitely recommend this brush to anyone that does.

Quote: Whatever I'm Getting Cheese Fries

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Overall, I loved using these Mean Girls brushes and want to buy the rest of them to build on the collection. They are definitely worth the price and are such great quality.

As Gretchen would say...

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- xoxo, Miss Makeup

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Jul 06, 2019

Liked your description of the Mean Girls makeup brushes

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