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15 Common Makeup Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

1. Keeping The Same Foundation Shade All Year

As the season's change, so does the shade of your skin. When people use the same foundation shade all year they can end up with a too light shade in winter or a too dark shade in summer. Be sure to have two foundations: one for your summer shade and one for your winter shade. For tips on how to match your foundation check out this article!

2. Applying Your Makeup In The Wrong Lighting

You should always be doing your makeup in natural lighting to ensure that everything is blended correctly. This mistake is very common when people get ready in their bathroom under fluorescent lights only to discover their makeup looks completely different in the sunlight. The same goes if you will be photographed by making sure your makeup is done under professional lighting.

3. Not Using A Primer Before Foundation

Primer is THE most important step in your makeup routine. Not only does it help makeup last longer it also creates a protective barrier on your skin to avoid breakouts. Foundation applied without a primer underneath can cause it to look streaky or emphasises skin texture.

4. Using Too Much Concealer Under The Eyes

There have been so many trends and rules about how to apply concealer it can be hard to determine which ones truly work. The most common mistake is simply applying too much product under the eyes which can look very pale or emphasise fine lines. Try to apply a small dot and build coverage under the eyes instead. For more concealer mistakes check out this article!

5. Placing Bronzer Incorrectly

Bronzer is a makeup product that should be applied very lightly in select points of the face. Many people use bronzer all over the face which can leave an uneven or blotchy tanned look. Instead, focus on firstly choosing your correct shade and applying bronzer on the high points of the face.

6. Not Using A Lip Liner Before Lipstick

Lip liner is one of the most effective ways to keep lipstick looking neater and lasting longer. Simply draw an outline of your lip shape and lightly fill in lips before applying lipstick. This also helps with the pigment of the lipstick.

7. Applying Heavy Mascara To The Bottom Lashes

Mascara is a tricky product to apply considering its large brushes and black pigment. When applying to the lashes, only use a minimal amount on the bottom lashes to avoid smudging under the eyes. For more mascara hacks, read this article!

8. Avoiding Using Blush

There is a very common misconception that using blush means applying a hot pink powder all over your cheeks. While there's nothing wrong with doing that, there has been a shift to a more natural look using cream blushes. If you have paler skin, it is easy to look more washed out without a flush of colours on the cheeks. We recommend cream blush for beginners in a natural pink or brown shade.

9. Not Wearing Sunscreen Even With SPF Products

Always remember, even if you're foundation has SPF you should still be using sunscreen. The amount of SPF used in makeup products is very minimal so it does not meet the amount recommended for daily use. It's important to still apply sunscreen before your makeup for the best protection.

10. Filling In Your Entire Eyebrow

Our eyebrow hairs naturally have an ombre effect of colour which should be maintained when they are filled in. This means applying less product at the front of the eyebrow and building up pigment as you get to the tip. Avoid using heavy pomades all over as this causes brows to look blocky.

11. Using Expired Makeup Unknowingly

Yes, makeup expires. Each product has its own shelf life and after its expiry, it will not work effectively on the skin. Some products can be harmful especially near the eyes once they expire and should be thrown out immediately. Here are all of the expiration dates you should know.

12. Wearing Waterproof Mascara Daily

Waterproof mascara is much heavier and absorbent than regular mascara so it should not be used on a daily basis. It can dry out the lashes and be difficult to remove causing the lashes to become frail over time.

13. Choosing The Wrong Primer For Your Foundation

The formulation of your primer and foundation should match for the best results. A silicone-based primer should be used with the same type of foundation and the same goes water based products.

14. Not Blending Foundation Down Your Neck

This has to be one of the most common makeup mistakes but somehow people still manage to do it. Always take the extra time to blend foundation down the next and over the ears for a natural look.

15. Testing Makeup On The Back Of Your Hand

When shopping for makeup it is very common for people to swatch products on the back of their hands to see if the shade suits their skintone. However, this is incorrect as the hands are a much darker shade than the face. Instead, ask the store if you can try the makeup on your face with the assistance of a consultant.


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