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20 Pop Culture Halloween Makeup Ideas and Tutorials 2021

2021 has absolutely flown by and it's hard to believe it's almost time for Halloween! While Halloween costumes are always fun, what better way to express your creativity than with a Halloween inspired makeup look. Every good costume needs an even better makeup look so we have rounded up our favourite pop culture Halloween costumes and makeup for 2021. If you haven't check out our previous Halloween idea article be sure to read it here.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been all over social media and would make the perfect costume for any beauty fan. Don't forget the iconic lip kit pout and a few designer bags. Read it here!

Kim Kardashian West

Kim K is a style icon and a great person to replicate for your Halloween costume from the neutral outfits to the contour she popularised. Read it here!

Gossip Girl - Blair Waldorf

Looking for an iconic and classy Halloween costume? Queen B is the best way to go and why not make it a friendship costume with your own Serena VDW. Read it here!

Gossip Girl - Serena Van Der Woodsen

If Serena was your favourite UES you'll be happy to know that her Halloween costume is easy to recreate. Read it here!

To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Lara Jean Covey

With the final To All The Boys I've Loved Before film being released this year it's the perfect time to channel your inner Lara Jean for your Halloween costume. Why not throw in your own relationship contract? Read it here!

Outer Banks - Sarah Cameron

OBX2 was the highlight of 2021's streaming choices making Sarah Cameron a very popular idea for Halloween. It's as easy as wearing your favourite summer outfit. Read it here!

Outer Banks - Kiara Carrera

If you're wanting to look like a true Pogue for Halloween this year, why not take inspiration from Kiara herself. Read it here!

Clueless - Cher Horowitz

As if you wouldn't want to dress up as Cher for Halloween! She has been an iconic Halloween costume since the '90s and is still just as iconic today.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has really been dominating the music charts this year with the release of 'Positions' and with plenty of makeup looks to match. Of course we had to mention the most important part of this costume would be her signature ponytail. Read it here!

Pretty Little Liars - Aria Montgomery

Got a secret, can you keep it? This is a simplistic Halloween costume for using the clothes and makeup you already have at home to be just like your favourite liar. Read it here!

Pretty Little Liars - Spencer Hastings

If Spencer Hastings was always your favourite then Halloween is a good time to channel her in your costume. Read it here!

Pretty Little Liars - Emily Fields

If sporty is more your style, Emily Fields would be a good choice for your 2021 Halloween costume. Why not experiment with a new hair look and neutral eyeshadows for this costume. Read it here!

Pretty Little Liars - Hanna Marin

Hanna was the most glamourous Liar and makes the perfect girly Halloween costume. Swipe on some Chanel lip gloss and a pair of designer shades and you're good to go. Read it here!

Pretty Little Liars - Alison DiLaurentis

If you've got blonde hair and a yellow frilly singlet sitting around this costume was made for you. Perhaps the most mysterious Liar, Alison DiLaurentis is a fun character to dress up as this Halloween. Read it here!


This Halloween costume will be sure to boost your confidence and maybe even make you break out some dance moves. Beyonce is effortlessly gorgeous and you can recreate looks from any of her eras like Beyechella or Destinys Child. Read it here!

One Tree Hill - Brooke Davis

Everyone One Tree Hill fan has been reminiscing on the series since the release of the Drama Queens Podcast and its reminded us of Brookes best looks. Be just like your favourite Raven cheerleader, Clean Teen and fashion designer with this costume. Read it here!

Emily In Paris - Emily Cooper

Better brush up on your French because you'll be needing it for this character. Emily's look is girly and easy to achieve with the clothes in your wardrobe.

Gossip Girl 2021 - Julien Calloway

Look out everyone, there's a new It girl at Constance and she has amazing style. Julien Calloway is a great Halloween costume for showing off your fashion sense and natural beauty looks. Read it here!

Gossip Girl 2021 - Zoya Lott

If one of your biggest binges of the year has been the Gossip Girl reboot, why not dress up as your new favourite Upper East Sider. Read it here!

Olivia Rodrigo SOUR

Olivia Rodrigo has blown up this past year especially with the release of her SOUR album making her a super popular Halloween costume. You can even recreate the SOUR album cover with some winged liner and a bunch of stickers. Read it here!


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